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Kimberley is always happy to help make your perfect piece of jewellery.
Below are some frequently asked questions, which might help with your order.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Kimberley here.

Silver can be affected by elements such as exposure to water, heat, chlorine, chemicals found in body products/perfumes etc. and different skin types, especially during the summer months. To combat this make sure you rub with a soft cloth, use a silver dip, and most importantly wear it! This will keep it looking as it should. To keep all your jewellery at its best, clean it often, use fairy liquid and a soft toothbrush, then rinse in lukewarm water and dry, this will help bring life back to stones. But keep pearls away from liquid and chemicals.
Satin or polished finish can be added to your jewellery, but all jewellery will experience a certain amount of wear during daily activities. Textured/satin finishes will begin to polish up and polished finishes will matt down, with time, both will reach an equilibrium, but this can be restored for you if you contact Kimberley and discuss the situation.
All jewellery by Kimberley is made with a great amount of care and attention. If you are participating in an activity which could damage your jewellery, remove it and place it back in the box so it’s ready and looking fabulous when you’ve finished.

All rings are sized using the standard British system, using the letters A – Z. An average finger size for a woman is an M; for a man it’s an S. If you are unsure of your finger size, either measure the circumference of your finger, or the diameter of an existing ring for an idea.
All pendants and necklaces are to a standard 16″ length and bangles are of an average 6.5 to 7cm diameter. If you have any special requirements please email me and I will cater to your needs.

For a bespoke commission Kimberley likes to discuss with you the likes and dislikes of the recipient. She can try and incorporate ideas such as birthstones, engraving to make the jewellery as sentimental and special as possible. Sometimes metal from hand-me-down items can be included (but the metal needs to be a