So as I have been away for a while, not updating Facebook, doing newsletters or my blogs, I thought I would fill you in on what I was doing!!   A little Design Trip to India!!!!

Well, as some of you know I used to design an exclusive range for QVC, which I absolutely loved. But sadly, they decided after a few years they were more interested in celebrity named jewellery than real designers (I’m not bitter, well maybe a little!) And after having Evie and really putting my heart and soul back into jewellery, I hoped I could possibly work with them again, but sadly they are going in different directions. So I thought what else could I do? More collaborations with other companies, I am expanding the range available for Jersey Pearl, and helping a great designer/artist come up with a way to get her designs on jewellery – all very exciting.   And I then contacted TJC a shopping channel, and within a week I was in the office having a meeting.

TJC the shopping channel which will be selling Kimberley's jewellery

It was a surreal meeting and I left thinking ‘I’ve got a job with them haven’t I?’   It was still unclear, but my head was spinning with the possibilities of new designs using gemstones. After a week, I contacted them to say what concepts I had come up with, and a few designs that were drawn up. The email I got back took me by surprise! “Could you go to India next week?”

As you can imagine my head started spinning. Yes I could go, but I had plans in the diary, commissions, meetings, and not forgetting a nearly two year old, whose birthday I couldn’t miss and that had to have childcare!

But I managed to organize everything (including my husband – no mean feat!!) And flew off to India. I don’t think I have ever experienced so many emotions before in my life. I was so excited and proud of myself – after all they want me – yes me, and my designs!! I have never been to India before, what an experience!   The food, the culture, the heat, everything was so different to what I am used to. I was anxious, thrilled, scared – I knew no one there, only had one meeting with TJC in the UK, and I was travelling all alone. There was part of me which was pretty happy to have a bit of time to myself on my own adventure, but also so sad to leave Evie, screaming ‘Mummy’ as I left in the taxi! I saw this quote before I left and it pretty much summed things up.

Attitude is the difference between and ordeal and an adventure