Kimberley’s Story

“Imagined, Designed, Created – Especially for you”
This is Kimberley’s tag line, it is important that all her designs are created with sentiment and thoughtfulness

It is not a surprise to her family that Kimberley is a jeweller, as it runs in the family. She grew up constantly drawing and making things. Kimberley was given her first box of beads and findings by her beloved Grandpa and spent hours creating friendship bracelets and necklaces from this special gift.

It was then later at college that she turned her craft into her career. Keeping her passion for quality handmade jewellery and deigns that are delicate and sentimental for people to treasure.

Kimberley has done many things over her jewellery career, travelled to many places and met lots of wonderful people.

Kimberley lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and daughter.  She loves running her own business and balancing family life.  Her favourite things to do, are meeting up with friends, eating good food and drinking delicious cocktails.  All in all, she loves being a Mummy and having her family around; getting to enjoy time together and have a laugh.


A few of Kimberley’s favourite things