• Describe your personal style.

I like simple things. My clothing is usually quite plain but it has a decorative detail like a bit of lace or quirky pattern. Nothing too over the top, and it has to be comfy – I can’t be in heels unless I’m walking 4 foot and then sitting down all night long! I do like to make an effort though. I would rarely go out without make up, but I prefer the natural look. And I like to dress up when I can, but being in a workshop or with a 3 year old most of the time it’s usually jumper dresses or jeans.

Wardrobe style
  • What is your favourite item of jewellery and why?

This is tough, I have so many pieces and they all hold meaning for me. If I had to choose one, it would be my engagement and wedding ring, they interlock and they mean so much to me. I really did marry my best friend and he bought me a great diamond. I just love how much it sparkles, and I know what it symbolizes every time I look at it. Even my daughter calls it my ‘I love you Daddy’ ring.

My other favourite item of jewellery has to be my locket. I’m really proud of the design and how well it turned out. It is so versatile and goes with every item of clothing I have. This for me a deal breaker as I know I can put it on in the morning and instantly look stylish. The locket also has a picture of my loved ones inside, so I can keep them close to my heart. I get comments on it regularly, which is also lovely.

'I Love you Daddy' Ring or my wedding ring!